Equipment comparison is often a point of interest for home brewers. I’m listing what I use below and update when necessary. As I wrote in the blog’s introductory post we’ve aimed for the cheapest solution we could come up with without compromising quality too much.

UPDATED 2018-02-18

Mashing equipment

24-liter plastic cooler bag with bulkhead+spigot+bazooka screen (not yet actually used

Glass lab thermometer and bi-metal cooking thermometer

Lauter equipment

Threw out bucket-in-bucket. Won’t need separate equipment since it’s possible to lauter in mash tun. Considering kettle size I’ll go with no-sparge for the time being


Boiling equipment


15.5 liter pot

IKEA induction cooking plate

Cooling equipment

5 meter immersion chiller


Fermentation equipment

15 liter buckets

Half-size refrigerator

Inkbird controller

Piano lamp with 25W bulb for heating