This is a blog about the adventures of Barbatum Home Brewery

Barbatum Home Brewery is the name of a small batch homebrewing operation run by a nerdy nerd with 5/7 of a degree in teaching and a considerable beard, sometimes assisted by his slightly younger and considerably beardier brother.

The bearded brothers live in Gothenburg, Sweden

They called their brewery Barbatum which is latin for ‘bearded’ because apparently it is very common in the world of home- and microbrewing to start making beer with your brother while having a beard, so literally every thinkable brewery name with a brother or beard theme was taken.

When this blog was fired up they had brewed four batches of beer totaling about 70 bottles or 24 liters, which is what the average home brewer gets in one batch. Increasing the output volume would be technically possible but not fiscally sound since it would mean investing more money in specialized equipment.


Where this project takes us no one knows for sure, but hopefully we’ll be able to compete in the national championships next year.