Spontaneous tasting

I took a picture of all four Barbatum beers yesterday (will write a post on #4 soon enough) and all the photographed material was refrigerated afterwards, having in two cases been pulled from storage in a wardrobe and refrigerated before the shoot to enhance condensation beads on the bottles. I noticed that the cap on the Svingeln EKG bottle looked crooked and showed signs of rust, so I thought I’d better finish it off (although slightly reluctantly since it was one of three bottles I have left of batch #1)

Since homebrewed beers often show chill haze I put it in ambient temperature too see how clear it could get (#3 Bealtaine clears up to the extreme, which is a bad thing in witbier). Unfortunately I slipped while pouring and ended up with the sediment filled cloudy monstrosity in the picture which looks like an American IPA.

We happened to break out the cheeses after dinner so I thought I’d better check if #2 had managed to mature in storage. Originally  it was a bit one-dimensional, very dry in finish and unpleasantly boozy. It has rounded off quite a bit and bears similarities not only with English old ale but also with Belgian dubbel.

Tasting of Svingeln EKG Single Hop Pale Ale

Pours a medium amber color. Initially quite clear but quickly murkied by sediment. Fairly small but lingering white head. Aroma and flavor dominated by woody hoppiness with low to medium malty sweetness. Fruit esters and possibly diacetyl experienced in younger bottles not noticed. Bitterness more distinct than expected from the calculated IBU (32).

Tasting of Flatcap Old Ale

Pours a deep ruby to brown color. Significant chill haze. Big but quickly dissipating off-white to cream head.Disappointingly low carbonation. Aroma is sweet and boozy with hint of dried fruit. Flavor is toasty and malty with underlying alcohol warmth and hints of port and chocolate. Despite this thin-bodied to the point of being slightly watery, with rather dry finish. Obvious improvements with aging and the alcohol strength (8% ABV) isn’t too obvious in any part.


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